Africa mission trip

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Mission Trips to Africa

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Teen & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs | Under 18 Mission Trips

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Short-Term Mission Trips

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Mission Trips to Africa. Our Mission Trips to Africa are an excellent way for a Christian to make an impact for God’s kingdom. We provide mission trips for: 1) Churches, missions, ministries, 2) Individuals and Christian groups We offer mission trips that are affordable, safe, fun, and transformational.

We are Excited that you are interested in Joining Us in AfrIca!

Welcome to EAI Outdoors

We are looking forward to having you Join Us in Africa. On this page you will find Information to help with your Decision and with PREPARATION including fundraising, Immunizations, Etc.

Additional information will be added as is becomes available. Theodore Roosevelt in Africa in collecting specimens for the Smithsonian Institution.

Open dates on this group registration page require a group size of five or more.

South Africa Mission Trips

Trips to Africa require a group size of fifteen or more. *Prices do not include registration fee, airfare, ministry or construction materials, spending money, passport, insurance, or vaccinations.

Thank you for visiting us at Hills of Africa Travel. You have come to the right place to plan your African Safari experience.

In our 16 years of doing business, we have found that what scares people most about booking an Africa Safari Vacation is that.

Short-Term Mission Trips. Group mission trips for youth, college students, and adults. Discover genuine faith while serving your neighbors across the U.S.

and around the world.

Africa mission trip
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Teen & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs | Under 18 Mission Trips