Airport privatization

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Transitioning Airport Into a Dedicated Perishable Air Cargo Complex

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TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report Considering and Evaluating Airport Privatization addresses the potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing various approaches to airport privatization.

The report covers a range of potential privatization options and. We have training for senior and junior-level airport professionals in the areas of management, marketing, operations and security.

Our courses are taught by experienced industry practitioners, providing best practices and skills to help you overcome the increasing competition in the airport market.

The example of the Vienna airport will serve to illustrate how privatization in a developed country can benefit an airport’s operations.

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Beforethe airport was a public utility and had to seek subsidies to cover losses. Mike Jones, consultant and ex-chief of staff to former St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley, is in line for $13, a month, including some $1, in expenses.

Upon completion, the privatization of Airglades Airport, in Hendry County, will be a key component in the long-term capacity needs of South Florida that has been pursued for decades.

CMT has been the lead consultant providing services for the private developer. Attendance at the workshop is limited to DoD personnel supporting post award efforts for Utilities Privatization (UP) contracts as well as System Owners that have been awarded a UP contract.

Airport privatization
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