Mind pollution

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Captain Planet: Mind Pollution

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Mind Pollution

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THE SECRET WEAPON. The greatest threat to the existence of our society today is not air pollution, or water pollution, but MIND POLLUTION.

For the first time in history, man has an instrument through which the masses can be taught and controlled effectively, immediately, and effortlessly. Light & Mind Pollution takes its toll. Category: Memo Blog. People used to look up at the stars and they were connected to the universe.

Mind pollution

They knew the cycles of the moon and they were aware of each constellation. Now we don’t look up at the stars every night or even at all anymore; all we seem to do is stare at our smartphones.

Mind Pollution - Poem by David Moe

Mind Pollution is the first episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the video-accident.com was written by Doug Molitor.

Rather than dealing with any environmental problem, the Planeteers have to face the issue of drugs and what can happen to a polluted mind. Mind Pollution by Subbaraman N video-accident.comion indeed blocks the way To clear dearly we have to pay Varied indeed the monsters play To be vigilant all the way Air water soil we pollute.

Page/5(17). Jun 05,  · Music Video for 'Mind Pollution' performed by SHEAFS. Filmed/Directed by Sam Crowston Audio recorded by Alan Smyth (2Fly Studios) & mixed by Paul Tipler (Unit 13 Studios) Listen on Spotify here.

Mind pollution
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