Ubs valuation multiples primer

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Valuation Primer - Part Two - Discounted Cash Flow

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In a UBS Warburg () ‘Valuation Primer’, we are informed that: A valuation multiple is simply an expression of market value relative to a key statistic that is assumed to relate to that value.

To be useful, that statistic – whether earnings, cash flow or some other measure – must bear a logical relationship to the market value observed; to be seen, in fact, as the driver of that market value.

In this sense, business/ corporate valuation is about measuring the continuing value of a company’s business in today’s terms. Business/ Corporate valuation methodology assumes a “going concern1” concept for the company. The second part of my valuation series is about one of the methods under the income approach, the discounted cash flow method.

In this post, I will be showing you how to create a model from scratch. This model is not meant to teach you any in-depth theory on why certain decisions are made within the DCF, but rather just give a basic understanding of all the moving parts.

Valuation using multiples

“Valuation Multiples Primer” UBS Warburg” “The Valuation of a Savings Account – With Seven Insights” (Columbia Business School Professor Stephen Penman) Comments are closed.

multiples and the standard multiples valuation method including its criticism initi- ates an in-depth analysis of every single step of the four-step multiples valuation process.

Forward-priced multiples are used to investigate current forward-priced video-accident.comion Multiples: A Primer November Table 6: Alternative Pricing Bases for Multiples Pricing basis Historical Current Forward Calculation Average price or enterprise value for a period Current price or enterprise value Forward price or enterprise.

Ubs valuation multiples primer
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Valuation Primer - Part Two - Discounted Cash Flow